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Agreed...Joker has ties to so many things...and the funny thing is he is working for Kaidou.....I know his fall will be epic and deserving. His departure will will be similar to Alibasta as with Vivi and her Father. Except an entire kingdom will be restored and it's Monarchy. The fact that Dolfa had Granddad, Son and Daughter of the Riku kingdom just goes to show you how fearless he is. He as Dagaro said completely shitted on the Army and loyalist of the Riku Kingdom. I agree the message and tone here and very potent. SH's will clean away the taint that has become DR. Though as I said before which it seems Oda is setting up the imprisoned members will cause quite the ruckus for Dofla's elite group. Not only that but the toys as well are serving under the King once again. This is about to be a large blowout! Bart running into Luffy, he will tell him that Zoro and Kinemon are looking for him. Luffy is about to be on the move as Rebecca somehow finishes up the final elimination block.
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