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Re: naruto_653

So, up til now, Rin has been trying to get in Kakashi's pants and the whole Tobito loved Rin was a one sided affair. But now this chapter, she tells Tobito she'll always be by his side?

For the bitch that's the instigation for all this shit, she has the most piss poor character development of any character I know. And that includes Tenten and Edward from Twilight.

Edit: Seeing as Rin has gone from damsel, to love interest, to unrequited love interest, to a jinchuriki created to destroy Konoha, then to star crossed love obsession, then back to love interest, it shows how Rin is nothing more than a blank, useless slate for which Kishi can use to give a piss poor explanation to a stupid situation he's backed himself into. Fuck, I won't be surprised if she winds up being the cause of Itachi contracting ninja aids.

Oh, and by the way Naruto, this jackass killed your fucking parents. Going to bring that up at all? Hmm? No?
One Piece! Hell Yeah!
One Piece! Hell Yeah!

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