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Re: One piece 726

Well that was a good chapter.

Called it on Mr Soldier being her dad before, (( Said either dad or grandfather so yeah))

The thing that I was actually hoping to speak about is what Dag mentioned about Hack.

Who is he talking too ?

I have two choices.

Jinbei - Hack might be in Jinbei Fishmen crew, and having heard of the Mera Mera Fruit out and about probably would be thinking like Luffy and want nobody else to have his brothers fruit. So hes there to get the fruit for Jinbei / Luffy so he could potentially help him out, as alot of people are starting to think the people trapped undergroud will burst out and cause a riot to help Luffy get to Donflamingo.

Kaidou - Kaidou might have gotten a little impatient with Donflamingo, might have sent a person to spy on him. And given its a fighting tournament a Fishmen with his Karate seems like a good cover.

Personally I'm hoping for the first option a little more.

Couldnt help but chuckle when I saw Luffy and that Barrier guy meet well sorta.
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