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Re: One piece 726

Personally I would think since it's a trap he is talking about and escaping I don't think it's Big Ma'am. As we have seen with the warlords they can have pirates working under them with no issue whatsoever from the WG/Marines. So the Yonkui would have no problems excusing their men from the WG/Marines hands. Most likely due to Dofla being a sick monster he probably cares zero shits about that. He has something in mind for these prisoners besides breaking down their morale and hopes. I would like to think maybe Jimbei since he was shown right at the start of this arc. Also speaking of the start it showed many faces from all over so who knows if Hack is talking to Jimbei or another group. Due to the relationship between FM and Humans one would believe that Hack would never work under a captain who is human. We don't know his backstory though. I hope it's Jimbei because he is a BOSS! (literally)

The real question is what was that toy monkey all about?

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