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Re: Bleach_555

Originally Posted by Buck09 View Post
I was trying to be funny with the less than a week part dude, I hate it as much as you do I mean why make Ichigo take what say 4 days ? To get there ? Well we are still to see the Improvements that the Dog Captain has since training, Hisagi should be coming out with his Bankai ( One of the few folk im actually looking forward to seeing ).

But yeah Chad and Inoue you would have thought they would have come back with Urahara instead of being left back at the Enemy Hq. Still the pillar would have been so much easier :P
I didn't take offense to your statement and I didn't argue about it.. I agreed.

Hisagi, I forgot all about his training. Also Kenpachi has yet to surface. SS has a few surprises up their sleeve. Yeah Dog Captain still has yet to show off...wondering if he can transform into a huge beast like his master...also since his bankai is tied directly to his own body I would love for him to find a alternative power.
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