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Re: Bleach_555

Originally Posted by Buck09 View Post
Yeah I was just making sure no offence was taken so just to make sure :P

Hisagi, Kenpachi, Urahara and the Twin Sword Captains are the people im looking forward to, each up them have a promising Bankai to show us. Urahara and the new Captain Commander mostly seeing as when there Bankai has been mentioned they were not to help folk, or not to be shown infront of folk.

I know Grimmjow is looking promising but what about Hallibel think Urahara and the other two might have freed her back at the Quincy main HQ ?
Hallibel is kinda is not as if the QUincy are using her in any way to boost their power. They had her imprisoned kinda like a reminder..."We have your strongest at our mercy." The Arrancars are just following in line out of fear.
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