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Re: Bleach_555

Originally Posted by Buck09 View Post
Yeah thats what I'm meaning though, she was held there as a trophy to say 'We beat your strongest' yada yada. So once shes free dont you think she would like to get a little payback ?
Well since Quincy can't actually take Resurrections due to it poisoning their system she could do some serious damage if we think of it that way. Though my only issue is these are top notch Quincies who already whooped the 13 Gotei. If we look at it this way Hallibel is < than Hitsuyga (spl) due to her imprisonment the Captains and all have been training furiously since the Aizen arc...over 17 months ago..So I just question how much stronger has she become? Remember when the three arrancar bitches who threw their arms together to form that huge beast. Kirge defeated that thing like it wasn't nothing (Though that thing brutally beat like three Vice Captains)...and that was in his Voldstag (spl) again ..we have not seen all the Quincy go all out... I just think given her added won't do much for the greater picture.


This page cracks me up...her power alone is enough to stop this entire war.....COME THE FUCK ON! If her power alone was enough to stop the war all her Sempai's would be Onslaughts waiting to happen. Kubo attempting to troll us here.....I wonder how long this will last? He is trying to build up this chick but he just let Dog Face enter after being chastised by his own master and training for this certain moment. If Kubo allows both Shunji and Komarau (Spl) to lose it would be a huge upset.

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