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Re: One piece 726

Originally Posted by Pritha View Post
the toy monkey is actually Sai being converted to a toy. secondly, is king riku 800 yrs old or did i read the entire thing wrong. Will go back to it but if anyone can clarify it thanks
He is the third King the coup happened 10 years ago. Regardless..makes you think..if there have only been three Kings since the start of DR....They must be the Uzumaki's of One Piece. Family of longevity.

So that was what was going on with that scene...Have to go back and check that page out.

I can see where you got that...Sai got captured by the slime tail... Next scene shows a toy monkey being COMPLETELY controlled. (unlike the other toys..who have their own free will) Also he is given direct instructions on where to go. "Listen to your family?" Is he referring to the Dofla family?

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