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Re: One piece 726

Originally Posted by apacolypz View Post
He is the third King the coup happened 10 years ago. Regardless..makes you think..if there have only been three Kings since the start of DR....They must be the Uzumaki's of One Piece. Family of longevity.
I wondering about that as well. Only 3 kings in over 800 years of history. That's pretty odd even for OP.

Here's a theory of mine.

What if the secret that the WG is trying to cover up about the void century is some kind of immortality experiment that was done during that era, which the WG was able to claim (and destroy in the process) for itself, and erased all mention of it so rest of the world would never know about it. Even if the original test subjects of this experiment were basically immortal, but still died of unnatural causes (killed during the void century conflict), some part of that power (if it were a genetic alteration, possibly due to a DF) could live on in the descendants to a lesser degree, decreasing in relation to how much "outsider" bloodline is mixed in.

If this is true, then those 5 Gorosei could themselves be the last 5 remaining true immortals from that Void Era. The rest of the World Nobles could contain a bloodline from them or other immortals from that era. Maybe it wasn't until after someone who was immortal had children with a non-immortal that they realized the children (even though long lived) wouldn't live forever. After a while these Noble children grew up and some had kids by non-immortals themselves realizing their lifespans were even shorter then their own. It was because of this that they instituted their policy of prejudice (and inbreeding, LOL) towards the rest of the world. Even going so far as seeing themselves as superior to the nobles found around the world who lacked their long life. Also in fear that somebody would eventually notice their long lifespans and try to find the secret for themselves (or just kill them), they decided to isolate themselves from the rest of the world.

I dunno, it's just a theory, but I think it would add a bit of intrigue to the World Nobles if it turned out true. Not to mention those Gorosei would turn out to be 900 year old war veterans of the Void Era. That alone sounds like worthy final boss material.

Edit: LOL, imagine Zoro fighting that Gorosei dude with the sword, and finding out that he's had 900 YEARS of experience. Epic show down is epic.

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