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Re: naruto_653

You know, as poorly written as this is, as much as it is the culmination of all the bullshit from all of part II, as much as Naruto is talking out of his ass without any answer to show for his "messiah" status, and as much as Naruto is full of self-righteous shit given everything that has happened in the story, I can't really dislike this.

Simply put, the way Naruto talked, the way he acted, all of it, it wasn't the same horseshit peace-junkie messiah-complex Naruto we've been stuck with for so long. This is how I really think the Naruto of Part I could have grown up to be. Like, wow where the hell did that come from? This isn't the jackass who's convinced he's destined to fuckin save everyone. This isn't the dumb motherfucker who reappeared after the Pain arc. This isn't the dipshit who's been pining for Sasuke's dick for 400 chapters. This is a grown-up Part I Naruto. And it's really sad that this can't be what it could have been because of everything else. That nearly all of what he's saying is so goddamn shallow because of the events of Part II. Because if it hadn't taken so much horrible crap to get to this point, this really could have been the culmination of his entire character.
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