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Re: One piece 726

Great chapter, definitely setting up the upcoming battles, and giving us some answers. Nice reveal on Ricky as King Riku and the soldier as Rebecca's father just as many called. (Nice Darth Vador panel there on the last page)

Interested like everyone else in who Hack is working for, but also had a question on who King Riku is talking about to Captain Tank: Who is Viola? Thought it might be a typo since Violet is a Dressrosa native/part of DF's crew, but perhaps another person? Could Viola be related to Violet? Just a thought/question.

Oh and to comment on ask me anything's post, I think the biggest connection to the Void Century has to be One Piece and the Devil Fruits. Immortality would be cool, but that's a little too outside the known story line.
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