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Re: naruto_653

Originally Posted by Emissary of Justice View Post
Seriously. That was some weird shit.

Not even knowing who his parents were or what happened to them until he was 16 isn't worth shit? Fine.

However, I say you're underrating both those deaths. Naruto was a huge inspiration for Neji. Hell, dude died protecting both him and Hinata. That's major turn around from the Chunin Exams. Additionally, Neji's plight was the first situation that prompted Naruto to desire to become Hokage for someone or something other than himself. It's why I've never doubted that Naruto would have an actual reign as Hokage instead of passing it to someone else or getting the honor posthumously. He's canceling that branch family business out personally.

Jiraya's death was much more beyond losing a father figure. He was Naruto's Godfather, last remaining family member, and the second person (Iruka being the first) who acted like he really gave a flying fuck about the kid and didn't shit on him. In Part I, Kakashi was the worst trainer I've ever seen the main character receive in well... anything. He taught Naruto how to walk up trees. That was about it. Everything else was about Sasuke. He treated Naruto even worse than he did Obito. Hell, Kakashi didn't even attempt to help Naruto with a single god damn jutsu until Sasuke was gone. He didn't even bother finding out the kid's element affinity until Part II. Jiraya was the first person to just really go, "You know what kid? Maybe you do suck so let's teach you how not suck."

And Naruto still decided against killing Nagato after losing Jiraya, Konoha, Kakashi, and nearly Hinata. Obito lost Sakura Beta and lost it.
I gotta side with EoJ on the part about Naruto not having anyone... then finally having someone in Sasuke, who wants to leave and kill his bro becuz he was mind-fukked by him... yeah... Naruto hasn't lost anyone. That argument has got to be getting tiresome now.

Sakura Beta... that's purty funny right there, mmm hmmm.
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