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Re: Reverse situation...

Lol...still arguing over Minato vs Madara/Hashi? Can't we agree to disagree? There are countless possible paths a fight could take...taking multiple turns, some based on luck and intuition. There are some scenarios Minato wins and some Madara/Hashi wins. I think it is only meaningful to ask which set of scenarios is more likely than others. But, there is no way to know for sure except to have them fight. Who knew, for example, that Mayweather would have beat Canelo so badly or Alistair Overeem would have lost twice to fighters ranked way below him, what an upset . We could never have reached a point of enlightenment through debating that allowed us to calculate exactly how the fight will play out, only the probability and I think the probability argument has been beaten to death. If Minato does beat Hashi/Madara then consider it an upset, but hey...upsets happen.
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