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Originally Posted by liondemon View Post
This is a word of mass manipulators, murders, and psychopaths. This is what these ninja do for a living in this world. Even in the real world, governments are often mass manipulators, murderers, and psychopaths. They get 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and so on chances to do whatever the hell they want and not have to answer to anyone unless one happens to get a blow-job in the oval office, and then their ass doesn't get a second chance. It's the way of the world, ... way it's always gon be.

Besides, Obito, like Negato, had intentions of eventually bringing peace. It's not like Obito was just a power-hungry dictator who wanted to watch the world and all the people in it burn. I do not see why he could not be accepted back into their ninja society.
Very true. And I know this is tit for tat, but Clinton had an impeachment trial because he lied about getting the blow job under oath (He was acquitted because the court defined sexual relations to not include fellatio) . Big no-no. Had he been honest from the get-go, his praises would probably be sung even louder than they were. Makes one wonder about ole Barry (not a Clinton supporter, but if he went through that over a blow job, I'd be pissed about Barry and his admin. Hillary was smart and got out while the gettin' was good).

But back on topic, Obito isn't going to be alive much longer. He's the juubi jink. Madara will fry his @$$, literally! Why? Because he's Ma-damn-dara.
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