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Re: Bleach_Fan_Fiction_Thread

Bleach 534: One step closer

Scene opens in Soul Society. Byakuya stands facing off against Darius. Darius is still half sitting on a rock, relaxed, as the blades of Senbonzakura swirl around him. He looks amused at the anger on Byakuyas face. He speaks with his voice taking on a subtle mocking tone.

Darius: You know, I remember your fight with As Noldt. It’s surprising how such an experienced warrior such as yourself can be turned into a quivering whimpering baby when fear hits them.

The anger disappears from Byakuyas face in an instant as he stares at Darius. His face is expressionless not giving away what he’s thinking; he turns his head slightly to look behind at Ginrei. He pauses for a brief moment before finally letting out a long deep breath and relaxing his tensed body.

Byakuya: I’ll thank you of reminding me of my past battle
Darius: what?...
Byakuya: Thus far what has been burning in me is rage, the rage of a man who has lost, who has failed. All this rage has allowed me fester over is what has been taken from me, what has been stolen. In my stupor of rage the why’s and how’s had become inconsequential. My actions in that state would likely have brought nothing else than more shame to my clan.
Byakuya: in gratitude… I offer to spare your life if you return Senbonzakura to me and leave here.

Darius stares at Byakuya for a few moments, surprise showing on his face at Byakuya’s words. Suddenly he bursts out laughing. He laughs so hard that he finds it difficult to breathe and has to forcefully control his breathing until finally coming to a stop.

Darius: Dude, I’ll give you this much, I definitely didn’t see that coming.

Darius straightens up and finally stands facing Byakuya his face turning a little serious.

Darius: I’ll tell you what here’s some advice for you. I may not have the same ability as As Noldt that had you whimpering like a baby but I am far stronger than him alongside the fact that I have your beautiful Bankai at my disposal.
Darius: So simply because you gave me such a good laugh if you walk away now I will allow you to live.
Byakuya: You are mistaken

Byakuya draws his blade

Byakuya: My Bankai is useless to you, Senbonzkura Kageyoshi is not a bankai that someone with your level of skill or lack of experience can wield in battle.

Darius’s face tenses as anger spreads across it at the insult.

Byakuya: It will also forever be my shame that I allowed myself to be caught off guard enough to leave such an opening to be attacked. However it is not a mistake I ever intend to repeat again.
Darius: caught off guard?! Was that all?! Hah…well, I guess we’ll never know about that now will we?!
Darius: And as far as skill and experience goes I’m pretty sure I should be able to cope.

The blades of Senbonzakura suddenly all head towards Byakuya, the millions of blades surrounding him in mere seconds. Byakuya appears about 50 feet to Darius’s right. Darius turns to look at him.

Byakuya: I’ll say it once more, the likes of you have neither the skill nor experience to handle Senbonzakura, return it to me and leave if you wish to live.
Darius: we’ll see about that.

The blades attack Byakuya again, this time spreading out and coming at him like a wave, forcing him to flash step backwards. They don’t slow down as they reach him but carry on forward at speed making him flash step again and again as soon as he appears. Darius watches Byakuya flash stepping around him smiling.

Darius: Maybe it’s your skill and experience at fighting your own Bankai you should be worrying about captain.

Byakuya stops flash stepping and looks directly at Darius.

Byakuya: You are mistaken once again

As he says those words the millions of blades come crashing into him completely obscuring him from view. You see a close up of Darius’s face which is a little surprised and confused at Byakuya’s actions and words.

Darius: Well whatever, you’re done with now.
Byakuya: *Utsusemi* Way of Onmitsu, 3rd of the Shiho.

The view pans out and you see Byakuya standing directly behind Darius, his arm is outsretched and he has his index finger pointed at Darius’s right shoulder.

Byakuya: Hado No.4 *Byakurai*

A concentrated bolt of lightning shoots out of Byakuya’s finger and pierces through Darius’s shoulder shooting out the other side. Darius stumbles forward a few steps staggering and in pain. He turns around and faces Byakuya, his face clenched in pain.

Darius: Argh, (damn him, he caught me off guard, I didn’t even have my blut activated). You’re dead!!!

Darius throws out both of his hands and points them at Byakuya. Far behind him the blades of Senbonzakura come storming towards them.

Byakuya: Lack of experience in using a weapon means not knowing its weaknesses. If your opponent knows your weakness before you do then you have lost the battle before it has even begun.
Darius: I have no-
Byakuya: Senbonzakura is not generous enough to distinguish friend from foe.

Byakuya flashsteps away just as the millions of blades come crashing into Darius obliterating him from sight his screams ringing high in the air.

Scene change to Hueco Mundo.

Ichigo is still off to one side watching Halibel with the other two captains standing together further off. Zaraki’s hand can been seen, unmoving, out of the rubble down on the ground below.

Ichigo: Why are you protecting him?

Halibel just stares at Ichigo saying nothing. She swings her sword in front of her leaving a yellow trail of light. Behind her a dozen arrancar appear and countless hollows.

Ichigo: …. Tch fine, don’t answer but you know you can’t defeat me, you’re just committing suicide by attacking. Don’t force me to have to kill you!
???: Hey Ichigo! Don’t go thinking that you’re the only one who has grown in the time since our last encounter, many things have changed since then you know.

Ichigo turns around in surprise at the familiar voice. He looks high towards the ceiling where the voice came from. Sitting over the hole, which is now significantly bigger, that Zaraki originally crashed through, with a big grin on his face is Grimmjow inhis released form.

Ichigo: Grimmjow?!!
Grimmjow: Hey Ichigo.
Halibel: Grimmjow!! Why have you come back?!!

Grimmjow pushes off the edge of the roof and comes down until he is standing roughly between the two captains and Ichigo. He turns to look towards Halibel his smile turning a little more serious.

Grimmjow: Did you really think I was going to leave you to do this by yourself?
Grimmjow: Me going wouldn’t have changed anything, we live or we die, either way it’s out of our hands now.

Grimmjow looks towards Ichigo once more smiling at the confused look on his face.

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