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Re: Bleach_Fan_Fiction_Thread


Grimmjow: Still don’t get it do you Ichigo?
Ichigo:…tell me Grimmjow.
Grimmjow: we held out for as long as we could, but from the onset you could tell it was useless. We didn’t stand a chance what with their numbers and abilities. They ‘ve also been recruiting the arrancars on the sly, all the ones that weren’t good enough for the espada, all the ones we told to get lost he’s slowly been recruiting and training up. We kept fighting though until…
Ichigo:…until they destroyed Soul society.
Grimmjow: yeh, after that it was pretty clear even for us. Keep fighting and be killed off until there’s no one left or join him and maybe he’ll decide to keep his word and let our people live.
Joushiro: our people?

Grimmjow turns to look at him his face now wild with anger.

Grimmjow: Why the hell do you think she is here you idiot?!!
Grimmjow: Do you think Bach expected her to live fighting against all three of you even with those arrancar behind her?!
Grimmjow: that was the deal she had to make, we all serve and in turn they stop killing us. You might hate us because of how we are driven by our hunger but that does not make us evil! We are not incapable of feeling-

Ichigo interrupts Grimmjos’s next words, speaking quietly, he is looking down at his sword.

Ichigo: -I don’t hate you
Ichigo: Neither did the captain commander. He knew… understood completely that you weren’t evil, no more so than any soul in soul society is inherently good. You are just the other end of the scale. Without you there is no soul society, and without them there is no you.
Ichigo: It’s why they never actively hunted you, he made sure that they did just enough to protect the humans and maintain the balance and that was all.

Ichigo turns to face Halibel once more

Ichigo: We can help you, we can help each other.

Halibels voice is soft and bitter as she replies.

Halibel: You couldn’t even help yourselves.
Halibel: Enough of this, it changes nothing. If I wish for my people to survive then I have no other choice. Grimmjow if you’re not going to go then fight the other two, I’l fight him!
Grimmjow: Hey No! if anyone is-

Halibel doesn’t wait for him to finish and launches herself at Ichigo. She starts attacking him, her strikes pushing Ichigo back through the air but he is able to deflect them comfortably without straining.
Grimmjow looks at them and sighs

Grimmjow: She even takes the fun out of dying.

He turns to face the two captains and grins

Grimmjow: well I guess I’ll just have to make do with you.

Shunsui raises both his hands in front of him.

Shunsui: no no no no, not me just him first if you don’t mind. I’d like to rest if that’s ok.
Joushiro (whispering): Kyoraku what are you doing?!
Shunsui (whispering): I think someone needs to go down and look after those two, plus I have no desire to kill him, so you’d be the best to handle him.
Jousiro:… I understand, I have no desire to see them dead myself…

Shunsui looks towards Grimmjow and gives him a big open mouthed smile and waves at him.

Shunsui: byeeeeeeebyeeeeeeee.

Shunsui disappears leaving Grimmjow and
Joushiro by themselves.

Grimmjow studies the talismans hovering in the air behind Jousiro.

Grimmjow: That looks like an interesting ability, unfortunately I missed the show earlier, so what does it do?
Joushiro: Why don’t you see if you can find out?

Grimmjow grins as he dashes forward.

Scene Changes to Soul Society

Byakuya stands over the shredded body of Darius, he bends down and picks up the medallion staring at it. Over his shoulder you see Ginrei walking towards them.

Byakuya: Sen...bon...zakura....
Ginrei: you make me proud young Byakuya, to lead your opponent like that was magnificent to watch. To be able to dictate the battle you want from the offset your battle strategy rivals the very best.
Byakuya: His arrogance was his it almost was mine in the past.
Ginrei: You do yourself injustice young Byakuya, I don't believe I ever raised someone with 'such' an arrogance.
Ginrei: Winning and losing is a part of life and a part of battle, you should not see it as anything more. I won the right to protect the king but I lost the right to continue watching you grow.
Byakuya:...and yet I still have not managed to win back Senbonzakura.

Beside them Ryuken, Uryuu and Isshin appear, on the other side of them Wairudo appears also.

Wairudo: It seems your battle is finally over
Ginrei: Yes. Ishida Ryuken, are you able to release the Bankai from the medallion.
Ryuken: Yes I am, however I do not think it would be the most prudent thing to be doing at the moment, I'm sure you understand why Kuchiki Ginrei.
Ginrei:... I do.
Byakuya: What do you mean?!
Ginrei: The distance is somewhat far so you may not have been able to notice but Juha Bach has returned with what seems like six formidable allies.
Ryuken: Six pure blood quincies from what I can gather, on a completely different level to the pawns he's sent out so far.
Ginrei: If we return your bankai now it would just increase the chances of it being stolen again and used by the enemy.
Byakuya: Do you think I would use it again to be stolen?!
Ryuken: Which is precisely why I won't be returning it
Ryuken: Whilst its sealed in the medallion it means it cannot be stolen which means you can use it at your leisure against your enemy.

Ryuken grins and takes a long puff on his cigarette and blows out the smoke in a huge cloud. He looks directly at Byakuya and grins widely.

Ryuken: I love being the bearer of good news!

Scene Change to Hueco Mundo

In the background you can still see Halibel pushing Ichigo around, he's deflecting her blows easily, however he is not counterattacking.
In the foreground you see Grimmjow strike down at Joushiro with his claws. Joushiro blocks it with his sword effortlessly, without flinching or taking a step back. Grimmjow seems surprised by this and strikes down with his other hand, Joushiro blocks his attack once more, his sword barely moving from the strike. Behind Joushiro two of the talismans light up. Grimmjow jumps back leaving some space between him and Joushiro the surprise still evident on his face.

Grimmjow: what exactly are you doing?!
Joushiro: hmmmm, maybe you're just not as strong as you think?
Grimmjow: hah you're almost as funny as Ichigo, fine don't tell me, I'll just have to work it out myself.

Grimmjow sticks out his palm. A cero shoots out heading straight towards Joushiro. As it strikes him it disappears, another talisman behind him lights up.

Grimmjow: you're absorbing them aren't you, my attacks?
Joushiro: am I?! I hadn't noticed.
Grimmjow: hah, fine lets see if you can absorb my gran rey cero.

Grimmjow slashes his left palm and holds it out. The gran rey cero builds and shoots out at Joushiro. Just as the normal cero it strikes Joushiro and dissapears, another talisman behind him lighting up.

Grimmjow: hmph, I wonder what happens once all those talismans fill up.

Joushiro turns around to look at them, as he turns to look back at Grimmjow he smiles.

Joushiro: oh I hadn't noticed, they look quite pretty don't they?

Grimmjow smirks at him and disappears, reappearing just above Joushiro to one side and coming down to strike. Joushiro once again blocks Grimmjows claws with ease with his left sword. This time he brings his right sword around and strikes quite casually at Grimmjow.
Grimmjow see's the strike coming and shifts so that it hits his upper left arm and stops.

Grimmjow: seriously you're gonna have to strike harder to pierce my-

Grimmjow goes rushing down towards the ground at great speed and crashes in amongst the rubble. Behind Joushirou one of the talismans dims. He points his right blade down towards Grimmjow and releases a Cero straight at him.

Grimmjow: ( what the?!! That felt like...that son of a!!!)

He comes flying back up dosging the cero easily and faces off against Joushiro. His face is angry now, Joushiro also looks very serious.

Grimmjow: you used my own attack against me, [spits out some blood].
Joushiro: I did.
Grimmjow: I just have to make sure that you can't block my attacks with your swords, right?!
Joushiro: It may not be as easy as it sounds.
Grimmjow: [rushing forward] we'll see!!

Scene change to soul society.

Juha Bach stands in front of the six Quincies observing soul society with a smile on his face.
Mazrim appears to one side carrying Zenmaru. He drops him to the ground and bows down on one knee in front of Bach.

Mazrim: Your majesty, I have captured one of the zero squad as you commanded.
Bach: Splendid Mazrim, I expected nothing less, my apologies for making you work alongside that rabble for so long.
Mazrim: Whatever his majesty commands.

Bach grins and looks towards the lying body of Zenmaru.

Bach: Did he cause you much trouble?
Mazrim: No, fortunately the captains bankai assisted in capturing him quickly without having to harm him too much.
Bach: hmmmm, did you by any chance capture his Bankai?
Mazrim: My apologies your majesty, no, I didn't give him a chance to release it and incapacitated him the quickest way possible.
Bach: Do not worry, it was merely a whim to see the Bankai of the zero squad. I'm sure we'll get to see one soon enough.

Bach walks forward looking out aNd takes a deep breath.

Bach: Mazrim, take him to Jugo and tell him to begin the process and open up the portal as soon as he can.
Mazrim: Yes your majesty.
Bach: We'll see what fun we can have whilst we're waiting.

Mazrim disappears taking Zenmaru with him. As he does Bach focuses on something far off.

Bach: now lets see what the little ants plan to do next.

Next week Bleach 535:
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