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Originally Posted by NeoKakarott023 View Post
Doubt it, He's Tian's Son, plus he has that Curse that won't allow him to die. These other Gods will fall before him, not worried, if he could defeat the Red Skinned God that was Feng's near answer to the Hulk, these Dudes once found out, are toast. This God uses the Wind that he controls, I'm thinking, burn the shit, and he'll stop and become hittable.
Tian's son is not invincible and his life force is being absorbed by the living phoenix. Remember he has to fall for Ah Gou to actually become the proposed prophecy. Also him beating the red skinned dude was a build up of his power combined with the phoenix. Now that we are dealing with Great Gods one would expect the gap to close in. Sure he could push out more fire to absorb the wind being used but we will see how it all plays out. Personally if he doesn't die during to fallout on the gods domain..i hope soon. Ready for the next arc and challenge for Ah Gou. We have seen Fallen gods, Dark Ones, Great gods, Elder Gods, and Tian....what else stands before Ah Gou?
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