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Re: Naruto 654

Originally Posted by ask me anything View Post
Madara is our only hope at this point. Hopefully he planted his DNA into Obito via Zetsu which takes over his body next chapter and turns him into his clone.

That actually wouldn't be a bad idea. We've seen similar things happen to people before when they were low on chakra. Like Danzo's arm going out of control, or Oro popping out of Sasuke's CS when he fought Itachi. We've also seen Kabuto slowly getting taken over despite trying to hold it in check. If Oro's cells are that potent, then madara/zetsu should be off the charts in potential.

Do not give into the faintest idea that there might be the smallest glimmer of hope of something legitimately making sense and being digestable coming from this manga. We've butted our heads against a brick wall for at least 5 years now (for some, much longer). I'm only reading to see what happens to Hinata now. Kishi kills her off, I'm done... unless he has Naruto go all ape-shit.
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