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Re: Attack on Titan 51


I've finally gotten around to reading this manga!

There's so much.

There's so much.

My penis is hard.

One thing it's lacking for my taste is "main character" deaths. And I think a little more focus and refinement on the character development towards the lesser characters, shit even towards the main characters would be nice... but other than that amazing. And based on the way this manga has been.... well, I guess it could just be another "Fullmetal Alchemist" type illusion.... but the feeling this manga has given me.... I really have no doubt in my mind the main character deaths are coming. I can't wait for this manga to continue onwards. Towards the very end, my body is ready.

Anyway, Irvin's a badass, and he's starting to grow on me again after getting his arm chomped off like a champ. It's actually kind of funny, when I first saw him when I started watching the anime (thanks to Num for that- indirectly getting me to watch the anime, I mean, <3 <3), I liked him, even with the whole "giving up humanity thing", but then when I started the manga, I was like "you know what, I'm more neutral to this dude, I don't think you need to necessarily get rid of your humanity to make a change", but after seeing that he was a legitimate badass and strong in his resolve, I conceded that I did in fact like him. Ah, well. Funny how being in a certain philosophical mood can effect the way you essentially see the same character at different times.

Ahhhh! I have so much to say, about...EVERYTHING. I haven't been this wanting to talk about a manga since I first found out about Gantz. It's just one of those core plots that really resonate with me. The concept of fighting aliens with your comrades as a second life after you die? I love it. The concept of fighting giants with your comrades as a last ditch effort to protect the final remnants of human civilization? I absolutely love it. But this is so much more than just core concept, and that's the perfect combination right there.

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