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Re: Attack on Titan 51

Originally Posted by jekyl_hyde View Post
Dude... as good as this story is, there's much, much better.

Feng Shen Ji

The core plot definitely peaks my interest, which is why it's on my list, but Shingeki has been on my list wayyyyy longer. So long when I indirectly found out about the anime not longer than 1 or 2-something months ago, started watching it, and from that discovered the manga and went to go put it on my list of manga to read, I had found out that I had already put it on my list a while ago before the anime came out, without even remembering.

That being said, I agree, there's definitely much better: "Eden: It's an Endless World!", for instance. However, this type of "much, much better" is extremely rare to come by and I seriously doubt "Feng Shen Ji" will be on a completely different level, by my standards. Though I'm definitely open to it being better than AoT, you'd have to elaborate- specifically with respect to my own preferences, if you want to convince me it's even slightly possible that there is above a 1% chance that it's "much, much better." =^p

Regardless, let us say it is way way better. That really doesn't explain your surprise here. I've never understood the whole "letting-relative-quality-differences-get-to-you-and-diminish-your-enjoyment-of-something-else" idea. Yeah, to an extent sure, but once something has passed a certain level to become "good", it doesn't matter if something else is a million or a billion times better. Good is freaking good. And you can always be excited about good if you're able to think more abstractly and look past one's self-induced relative quality standards. In other words, it's completely possible for me to be this excited and realize that a whole completely different level of awesome exists. It comes natural to me, but maybe that's just because I'm too awesome.
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