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Question Re: one piece 728

Originally Posted by Shrike View Post
Ah, shit. I am getting that "I can't fucking wait for more" feeling for OP. Though I had it through this whole arc. Maybe I am trippin' shit because DD is one of my favorites, but I doubt it, I have never been biased over a manga. I don't care if any character gets killed or whatever, doesn't reduce the awesomeness at all.

The Donquixote family is just awesome. The big three on that page look badass as fuck, and the page with the whole crew before that is as good as that one. Best pirate crew along with Shanks'.

As we suspected, Violet is Viola, though nobody saw that she would be King Riku's daughter. Funny how even Robin made a funny face when they discovered that DD is still the king of DR. Franky is just awesome as always. Probably my favorite SH still.

It isn't Pica who turns people into toys, it's Trebol. And Don Chinjao lost his memory of his grandchildren because they became toys, thus King Riku saying that he has a weird feeling like on that day 10 years ago (he feels something is wrong, but can't say what because he can't have memory of the people who got turned into toys).
Thanks I meant Trebol but that's crazy! The whole memory loss and Don forgetting about his gkids.
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