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Feng Shen ji 77

Enjoy Dark Ones!

So the wife of Tian begs him to show the Dark Ones mercy. Ah Gou will be the new leader as Grand Marshalls sword will be handed down to him. Tian will stop this war and as I mentioned before they will have to come back after they have regrouped, matured, and Ah Gou needs to master a few more techs before he faces Tian. He will also need to prove himself to the Dark Ones so this war arc is seemingly over with. Shame though..even though Tian chased the ancient dark ones into hell it was Great Elder that killed his brother. I really thought GM would face off against him rather than Tian...Tian was just impossible and his death already was inevitable. Ah Gou will finish his fight with the Mine Manager of Smelting Aura and face off against that Great God of the Underworld affliction. Maybe this fight won't even take place right now but much later.

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