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Originally Posted by NeoKakarott023 View Post
The asswhuppin Edo-Madara's putting on the Kages as well. What I also got is that Madara had the ability of Perfect Susanno when he fought Oohniki as a kid, he stated he just didn't want to use it vs. kids. His statement makes sense...'Its a blessing that Harashirma's not here too, that means the map of the landscape won't change soo much'. He knew that both Hara and himself could flatten mountains, and end villages on a whim... that's some swag, now I hopes he shows some shit, Kishi's had him in 'Offpanel Hell' since forever.
Indeed the late fight was well animated. Madara is just too much and agreed he could use PS when he was in the land of stone/iron. Oonoki though is also showing his battle experience and Madara wants to destroy their morale. Also how A was caught in madaras genjutsu. So much is cleared up due to the anime
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