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Re: Fsj 78 & 79

Tian's wife could perform such a transfer to save the fate of the gods. She sees Tian as her protector but also something to fear. He has done all of this to prolong her life and resurrect her. So his goal has not been to protect the domain of the gods but to watch over her. Tian is neglectful of his real duty. Besides pride being the only reason he personally interfered in the Emperors match against the great gods. I think grandpa will tell him to either confront Elder Shen who has thoughts of turning the coin in the gods favor. Since Grandpa has a bit of clairvoyance (spl) as well. The state of grandpa is what in question. Does he have anything left to pass along to Ah Gou. Yeah Ah Gou will have the blade of Eternity, Golden Guantlet, Monochrome wall, and the power of the Phoenix...but something tells me the gods just may get a powerboost as well. Maybe the vigor leaks all over the gods domain.
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