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Re: Naruto 656

Oh Obito felt living on and repenting his sins wasn't enough to be saved...he decides to use Rinnei Tensei. Madara's trump card was Black Zetsu himself! Black Zetsu (apologizing) Merges with the other half of Obito's hashi cells. Madara forces Obito to use RT to bring him back to life (real body). Now? Madara states he can fight for real? Naruto's jutsu was unable to stop Madara and Hashi's gates of the six paths was able to at least keep Madara immobilized. So my question was Madara lying about stealing Hashi's sage mode? He basically admitted that in thanking Naruto who actually broke down the power levels of Obito so Madara could control him. Now that Madara is reborn how does he believe that this will change the fact that he alone faces the alliance without juubi power.
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