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Re: One piece 729

Originally Posted by Gakure View Post
Dude you are forgetting you are dealing with Oda here. Senseless killing is just not his thing.

Luffy has his back against the wall with this one. He clearly stated his haki is weak against cutting and piercing attacks. Sure, his sheer speed could do much but we talking Dfla here. Dude's got all three haki's (blocking and dodging Sanji's red devil leg is no joke). Luffy needs help.
Well Luffy has all three types of Haki I thought? Luffy agreed will have a tough time against Dofla but his speed and armament haki may be his clutch. PH Law was shown able to cut through Dofla's strongest armament haki underling.

DR Luffy beat the strongest wielding armament user in that of Don. I think in terms of that type of Haki Luffy and Law may actually surpass Dofla. Though Luffy's Conqueror's haki may be insufficient compared. Also remind me but I thought Dofla only had two types of Haki...Busoshoku Haki and Haoshoku Haki?
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