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Re: Naruto 656

Originally Posted by Konnaha_yellow_flash View Post
Edo madara getting far more powerful, thus gaining a far more powerful preta paths power, Hell realms power to heal any amount of damage and bring back the dead, susanoo 1-4 and hashirama's advanced healing makes his living self> a weaker preta path power, susanoo 1-4 and instant healing that can still be bypassed by Yin/Yang jutsu, regular sealing, Izanami, ect....

Your ignoring the advantages that the increased power that madara likely has now does for his other abilities to increase his defense far beyond what edo version could do.

Hell realms power alone=instant regeneration so losing one of the same abilities to gain more power is not weakening.

And actually posting evidence that you predicted that Madara would be brought back with Gedo rinne tensai by Obito, but become stronger as a living being would be the ONLY accurate prediction because that is what happened... But, in order to delude yourselves that you were right, you act like madara being revived made him weaker despite his beyond V1 Juubito level of brute strength and already having some many healing abilities with hashirama's auto-healing+hell realms healing and dead reviving power...
I don't need to post evidence - Obito and Madara's plan all along was to use Gedo to resurrect him. They say so in the endless Obito flashback. Sure, there were double crosses and the whole juubi jink thing but even still, it always was a plan that was stated and yada yada Chekhov's Gun. If you didn't suspect Madara was going to shed the Edo Form, I don't know what to say. That's the only prediction I was talking about. I forget you seem to think only if every detail is right do we have an accurate prediction.

Yes, the edos have a big disadvantage of the sealing but only through Kishi's lame ass writing did it manifest itself. What killed the Third to defeat was pretty well handled seemlessly by numerous ninja now. It's weakass.

In any case, the fact that Madara is mortal means he can be defeated. The five kage were helpless against the edo version so if he's now uber powerful above that the only weakness is that he's mortal. It pretty much writes itself that way whether you want to believe it or not. The only thing that was stopping the edos was the Juubi magic of Obito and sealing. A mortal man can die by a single blade. It's a far greater weakness even if he has more power. That's all I'm saying.

But as an extra, why do we assume he has sage/juubi powers? Wasn't the whole point of the tug of war to remove the Bijuu from Obito? I mean, Madara already had rinnegan so the paths should have been open to him already... so why do we think he has the juubi now too?
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