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Feng Shen ji 80

Ah Gou catches up with Grandpa who asks him to finish him off. He notices the strength within Ah Gou. Even his divine power...with that he requests that Ah Gou finish him off. Bai Lan after AG kills his GD enters the fray and points out that Master Li and his son will perish along side every one who entered gods domain. He picks on AG as he teases him that he wanted him to kill his Granddad. AG rescues Ne-Za and crushes some Octopus testicles as Bai Lan unleashes the seas most fearsome beast. Now that Ne Za is safe and Ag kept his word...the battle between the Great Sage God and the half god commences. Also Bai Cai or AGou's wife takes off showing off her mastery in the Vanishing arts. She is confronted by the five Great Generals who worry over the demise of the Grand Marshall.

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