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Re: Naruto 657

Originally Posted by AOTKorby View Post
EDIT: And now I just realized why Madara can keep up with Sasuke. Sage Mode. Actually making sense and shit, what is this Kishi old boy?
Indeed he would not have his eyes since he died without them. So he is looking to replace them with Sasukes. Also note that Zetsu was going to take back madara's eye. Madara is blind and is using sage mode (somehow he filtered SM chakra from Hashi?) to boost his senses. Idk how he dispelled the amateurasu but he dropped his battle gear and is able to somehow absorb ninjutsu. ALso what the hell was Hashi talking and thinking about? How is Madara doing this?

Madara is standing with the black flames still trickling over his body????

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