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Re: Naruto 657

the black rods seemed to be off paneled...which again makes no sense since Sai, Naruto and Hashi were all there...So yeah how did he get passed Naruto? Also when he became mortal notice his edo eyes...his RG fades away and he closes his eyes immediately. I thought Kishi would go the route where the hashi face on Madara's chest became alive. He would see through those eyes and use his sage mode like it was his very own. Naruto should of been able to see through anything Madara attempted. So does genjutsu work on Madara?

Um how the fuck is Madara absorbing chakra from his limbs? His feet is sucking up the chakra of the fallen warrior


Madara did some jutsu and that jutsu kept Hashi from is the same jutsu pretty much he used for Obito when he originally was going to use him for RT. Madara is just submitting his will into Hashi. Controlling him like Nagato did the Shell of the Outer Paths. (Sealing Statue).

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