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Re: Avatar: The Legend of Korra Episodes 11-14

I love how Wan Shi Tong was absolutely ignored after all was said and done. They set him up to be the right hand man, uh, bird, thingy, but yet he never got an appearance beyond that.

We may see a spirit war in Book 3. He'll pick up where Unalaq left off and try to rally spirits against humans. I could see how what Bryke said about Book 3's contents could relate to that. When you screw with nature, nature gets screwy, and spirits aren't immune to that.

EDIT: I don't really care what we see in Book 3, so long as we know that Makorra is dead for sure. I want that shit to be OVER. Seriously, Mako and Korra Break up and Make up more than couples on Lifetime.

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