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Re: One Piece 730

Originally Posted by ACt View Post
Well... just when you thought it wouldn't get more convoluted. Have to think they'll use Big Mom against Doflamingo's plans and what not but this is getting insane.

Is Luffy pulling out of the competition? That still needs a resolution although one might think they are paving the way for Rebecca to take the fruit to defend the nation after restoring the King... seems a very One Piece-y solution.
The competition is pretty much over with in regards to Luffy. The toy turned fighters are sent out to the factory and all over DR to aide Dofla. Rebecca is still fighting but who knows if the block matches will even finish. If it does she will end up winning the respect of the civilians. (hoping)

Violet is also headed to the palace so she will help Shs. Big Mom as you said could be used as a distraction. Or focus her efforts on Dofla so Sh's can avert their attention and focus on maintaining the three cards at stake.
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