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Re: One Piece 730

Agree with all on the chapter really just opening a flood gate of possibilities. My first thought when I turned the page to see Big Mom's ship was, "Huh?! That's the wrong Yonkou." I was really expecting Kaido to make his entrance sometime during the arc, maybe going so far as to just take Caesar for himself. Big Mom is really out of left field, which does make it interesting. I think Big Mom is probably the weakest of the four, so it would make since for Luffy to take her out first and build onto Kaido, Blackbeard, and Shanks. Just my thoughts though.

Also kind of am afraid of two items. 1. Hope the Sunny Group doesn't go off on their own and be missing for a long time during the fights on Dressrosa. Don't want part of the crew missing for 50 chapters. 2. I agree with ACt and others that I would like a little resolution with the tournament. Would like to see the four block victors face off against Diamante and his group of Donquixote pirates.
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