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Re: Naruto 658

I agree with the whole not having eyes thing..though Madara is able to sense his surroundings..and absorb ninjutsu/chakra...Not only having sage mode he does have Hashi's genes as well. He could of easily went underground after realizing the difficulty of dodging the collage of bijuu tails. Kishi didn't show it which raises our frustrations..but just saying. Obito is still alive via black zetsu who is keeping Minato and Kakashi at bay. We already knew the eye would be stolen but didn't expect it also to be off paneled. Madara has one eye now...which hell what does it change lol? He was already using dojutsu techs...? Now he can control the bijuu and collectively restore the Juubi if he can now capture Naruto and Killer Bee.
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