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Re: One piece 731

Originally Posted by Dagoro View Post
Do you guys think Sabo will eat the MM no Mi ?
First off I just reread the chapter for like the third time, and just realised were going to maybe have Sabo Vs Jesus ( The BB member in the tournament) Do you think we will see this fight or it will be a fight in the background we dont see ?

I think that Sabo will win the tournament and get the fruit, but he wont he eat it ( not right away) he will meet with Luffy once more and try to offer it too him but Luffy will tell him to take it seeing as there brothers and it would be better suited being with him. And Ace would have wanted him to have it more.

I think this would be better cause I cant imagine any of the SH's taking the fruit, and this could effect if the Princess girl is joining the crew now. ( Alot of folk thought if she got it that she would then joing the SH's)
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