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Re: One piece 731

I was wondering about how Luffy got out.. So they switched? Well kinda sucks becAuse I wanted to see Rebecca with it. Though once they beat the toy girl she won't need the contest to win her people back over. Sabo getting it makes the most sense and Luffy agrees by his statement "we don't have to worry about the meri meri fruit anymore." Bart Is left there looking at the fake Lucy. So the final will be becca, burgess, sabo and whomever lol.

Looks like Koala will meet up with Robin and the others at the toy factory. Sabo tells her to let him know of the situation underground*. Sabo is upset and sad at the fact if he could of aided Luffy.....but Koala calms him by saying "If you would of been there what would of changed? It is unknown what would of happened." I am not sure if Sabo will join since he is part of the resistance now in the Rev. Army. Jimbei will make the 10 member...Luffy said in the start of the series he was looking for ten. He will eventually have a fleet and as some have suggested I see things picking up big time once this arc is over. Alliances will start to form and enemies will also band together. Bart and Bellamy having their own crews could merge. The picture is getting bigger by the day. Sabo will win the tourney and inherit Ace's will and former df powers. Just with the balance of it all.. I can't see Burgess winning and BB crew getting another power boost.

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