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Re: Bleach_Fan_Fiction_Thread

Bleach 535: Resolve 2

Scene opens up in soul society.

Bach sits on top of Soukyoku hill looking out on soul society. He sits on a tall backed chair lounging comfortably with a big smile on his face. Behind him lined up in single file standing to attention are the six Quincy.

Bach: it seems the ants have finally stopped moving, though they seem spread out a little thin don't they Freidrich?

The Quincy at the end of the line takes a few steps forward to come stand next to the left side of Bach's chair.

Freidrich: It would seem that they wish to tackle us one on one Bach sama.
Bach: Indeed, Indeed. I wonder if this is the idea of Ishida Ryuken? Does he have some tricks up his sleeve or is it maybe that the Zero squad members are over estimating themselves?
Freidrich: If Bach sama commands we can show them where their place truly lies.
Bach: Calm Freidrich, ever does pride come before the fall and why should we concern ourselves with the pride of ants.
Freidrich: Yes Bach sama.
Bach: Hmmmm, Mazrim hasn't returned yet though. There are six of them and six of you, I suppose you may as well go and get some of the rust off since I've not given you the chance recently. Go and have fun there's no need to rush, it seems we have a little bit of a wait ahead of us.

All six of the Quincies bow and disappear. Bach rests his elbow on the armchair propping his chin against his hand and grins.

Bach: Now let's see which fireworks are the brightest.

Scene change to outer Hueco Mundo.

Everything is still and quiet. Hundreds of hollows still remain but not a single one of them is moving, they all stand staring towards the palace. The captains in the ground have stopped fighting them too and are now staring at them in confusion. High up in the air Shinji seems to be shouting at Mayuri.

Shinji: Hey are you listening to me?! What do you mean by 'as expected'?! Don't go spouting stuff out without explaining it!
Mayuri: ...I assumed it would have been obvious, but I suppose with intellect at your level it would require some explanation.
Shinji: tch.
Mayuri: it should have been obvious that being such polar opposites,for the Quincy and Hollows to work together was never going to be a possibility.
Shinji: Then what-
Mayuri: This was quite obviously subjugation. They aren't working together, more to the fact the Hollows are serving the Quincy.
Shinji: Subjugation...
Mayuri: Indeed. And from within the palace recently I sensed six presences disappear along with Juha Bach.
Shinji:...are you trying to say-
Mayuri: From my extensive studies on them in the past I could easily deduce that these six were indeed Quincies even if they were masking their reiatsu.
It would seem that Juha Bach and his disciples have now left Hueco Mundo and since we've taken out any presence of their underlings that there was out here it would explain why the hollows remaining have now stopped.
Mayuri: they are awaiting the current outcome of the battle going on within.

Scene change to inside the Palace.

Ichigo is still fighting against Halibel, he is still letting her do most of the attacking whilst he just deflects her attacks. Further away from them Grimmjow is still standing off against Joushiro. He is breathing a little heavily whilst Joushiro still seems composed and unhurt. Behind Joushiro all nine of his talismans have been lit up.

Joushiro: it seems like I have the full set.
Grimmjows: huh, yeh but they were all physical attacks! Which means you'll have to hit me to use them.
Joushiro: Wasn't it you that was attacking me? I'm happy to sit back.

Grimmjow slashes his palm and holds it out in front of him.

Grimmjow: more importantly now that all your talismans have filled up you can no longer absorb my attacks, which means I can now do this!

Grimmjow releases his gran ray cero once more, it flies straight towards Joushiro who strikes at it just as it is about to hit. The gran ray cero splits into two and flies off in different directions before exploding off in the distance.

Grimmjow: That was my gran rey cero, how could-
Joushiro: I did have a little help.

Joushiro points back at his talismans two of which are now no longer lit up.

Grimmjow: grrr, so you used my attacks to increase the force of your strike and cutting power.
Joushiro: Seems like we're back to square one aren't we? Any more ideas ?
Grimmjow: I'm gonna-

A blaze of energy lights up the whole palace for a moment startling the both of them. Grimmjow turns around to see Ichigo standing a few feet away from Halibel, she is standing still her arms lowered, blood sprays out from her chest as she begins to fall towards the ground below.

Grimmjow: Noooo!!

Grimmjow flies towards the falling Halibel and catches her just before she crashes to the grand, he comes skidding to a halt in the rubble as he places her down gently.

Grimmjow: What have you done?! Why take it so far?!

Halibel coughs in pain as Ichigo comes down and stands next to them.

Ichigo: I'm sorry Halibel, I wish it didn't have to come to this but I can no longer waste anytime here.
Halibel: There is nothing to apologise for, this is how it had to be...
Ichigo: If only you had trusted me, if only you had helped us instead it-
Halibel: Who says I'm not going to help you?
Halibel: You defeated Aizen when that should have been impossible, you (cough, cough), in fact ever since you became a shinigami you've done one impossible thing after another.
Halibel: If there is one person I would entrust to overcome these odds it would be you Kurosaki Ichigo... But I cannot risk my people's future on just those odds. My death by your hand is the only thing I can do to at least ensure the possibility of their survival and so I have, I entrust you to ensure my death doesn't go in vain.
Halibel: Bach has four additional Quiincy who he has left within the void between Hueco Mundo and Soul Society. Their purpose is to destroy any connections made attempting to bridge the two worlds, whilst they are there it is impossible for you create a portal and go after him. you can-
Halibel: no, even I don't have permission to go there and any attempt I make will also fail. However, their primary focus is on and terminating any portals connecting to soul society not the human world.

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