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Re: Bleach_Fan_Fiction_Thread


Halibel: Hollows frequently make portals towards there and there a vast number open to there at any one time and more constantly being opened and closed.
Grimmjow: Which is why they've left them alone, there's no reason to go there and terminating them would be a full time job.
Halibel: Grimmjow will help you get to the real world through one of these, from there you will have to work out your own way to get to soul society.
Grimmjow: I'm not-
Halibel: My price for helping you is for you to bring balance to our two worlds if you manage to defeat the Quincy and help guide the new ruler of Hueco Mundo.
Grimmjow:...New ruler?!

Halibel strikes out and pireces Grimmjow through the chest with her hand.

Grimmjow:?!! Aargh
Halibel: help you rule well.

Halibel's whole body begins to glow, the glow increases as she slowly begins to dematerialise and she merges with Grimmjow.

Grimmjow: Nooooooooo!!!

A massive tower of reiatsu shoots out of Grimmjow rising high into the sky, his scream can still be heard over the roar as he begins to glow and then suddenly explodes.

Scene change to Soul Society

You observe the ground from very high up in the sky. Down below you can see Ryuken, Uryuu, Isshin, Ginrei, Wairudo and Byakuya spread out far and wide. They have given themselves enough space to battle in however they are still also able to see everyone else. They are spread out in what looks like a semi circle with Wairudo at one end and Ryuken at the other. Ryuken looks at the others lined up, Wairudo looking like a small speck on the far side. Almost simultaneously in front of all of them a Quincy appears standing off about twenty feet away. Ryuken turns back to look ahead of him and see's a Quincy standing there as well.

Freidrich: It has been a while Ryuken.
Ryuken: ...Freidrich?!!
Freidrich: So you still remember me. I'm honoured Last Quincy.
Ryuken: ...You trained me even harder than my father did, how could I ever forget you. I thought you'd died a long time ago...
Freidrich: I did.
Ryuken:?! Freidrich, you of all people, how could you join with him?!
Your pride and resolve, you and could you?!!
Freidrich: (sighs) I understand. I understand because I remember. Before I died, I remember the way I felt, I remember my immovable resolve.
Ryuken: ...
Freidrich: I remember the offer being made to me... I remember my family being murdered when I refused. I remember it all.
Freidrich: And yet I still joined him... do you think that was without reason?

Ryuken stares at him with an expression of grim sadness on his face.

Ryuken: Tell me.
Freidrich: Bach is able to track the souls of the Quincy he kills. After he killed my family and me, he tracked my soul before it was found by a shinigami and-
Ryuken: A Quincy's powers do not pass over when they die, it's not like how it is with the Shinigami, so how can you still...
Freidrich: As much as our abilities have to do with our dna they also equally are a part of our soul as well. They can be awakened if you know how.
Ryuken: and Bach does.
Freidrich: Yes, he filled his power into me causing my own to be re-awakened. He shared his memories with me at the same time and I finally understood. Understood why this is the just cause.
Ryuken: so he brainwashed you.
Freidrich: No!!

The echo of that one word reverberates out over battlefield.

Freidrich: He has promised that once we achieve victory and he takes the place of the soul king he will reunite our families to us but I tell you now that even if that was not the case I would still follow him.
Ryuken: ...
Freidrich: Do you not see Ryuken, what justice is there now?! The real world is corrupt in itself that requires little explanation, the hollows, they still continually kill people without the Shinigami being able to stop them in time. The shinigami themselves are no more naturally noble as we are naturally evil and they cannot stop fighting even amongst themselves.
Ryuken: ...
Freidrich: inequality, suffering, pain.
Chaos wrapped up in the cloak normality.
Ryuken: and he aims to resolve all that?
Freidrich: Yes. What has the soul king ever done to remedy it. Rather than change anything himself the only action he's ever taken is to stop us changing anything when we tried.
Ryuken: And once he's seized power, he decides what's right and wrong...who lives and dies?
Ryuken:... It was you who once told me that you were glad that he had lost. The world needed the freedom to choose. To choose whether to be good or bad, to strive for it, achieve it, so that we could learn and grow as individuals AND as a people...where will that choice go once he takes control.
Freidrich: (sighs)

Suddenly across the whole battlefield towers of energy shoot up into the sky one after the other as all of the other Quincy activate their Vollstandig.

Freidrich: I knew you wouldn't understand yet, but I wished you to remember this conversation after you died.
Freidrich: choice is an illusion, it is the indulgence of the strong nothing more.
Freidrich: for example, what choice do you think any of you now have in leaving here alive?

Next week: 536
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