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Re: One piece 731

This arc is waaaaaay too cluttered...

People involved:
Starting from the Fi Arc
-Big Mom pirates
-Fishman Pirates
-Underground Dudes who saw Shinokuni on PH(Silhouettes dudes)
-5 Supernova Crews(Zoro and Killer make it 7 Supernovas in total)
-Newest Admiral
-Soon to be Kaido
-Revolutionary Army
-Kanokuni Navy
-Wanokuni Samurai
-A Shichibukai
Etc etc

I haven't even included Dressrosa peeps and the Donquixote Family. Too darn cluttered.
This chapter was okay, I just thought that it would of been better if Sabo was to somehow be reintroduced later on. Kind of knew it was Sabo when Luffy was crying.

Koala on the other hand is a substitute Human Gojin Karate User. People say Hack probably taught her, I agree somewhat. She did spend some time with the original FI Pirates and Jinbei/Tiger were the heads. I bet that aided her somehow. I am more intrigued with her than Sabo at this point.

If we make an educated calculation, Sabo most likely is stronger than Ace was right before his death and has all 3 Haki as well. If anything, Sabo should breeze through the rest of the tournament as Lucy, and keep those who think Lucy is Luffy second guessing.

Bart is super cool, still think he maybe one of the first crews to come under Luffy's Umbrella... But he wishes to be Luffy's so I don't know how that would work. If he were NN then he'd definitely make it an M4. Still don't know what to think tho.

I want to see Franky go all out. It sucks that he isn't as cool as he was back on Water 7, but I think he is really underestimated and is rarely strong. Frankly vs Trebol should be fine.

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