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Cool Re: Naruto 658

Originally Posted by NeoKakarott023 View Post
Yeah, that's why I stated that Jiraiyas was limited, but I agree with speed, strength, and wavering on durability. Naruto's durability shouldn't be questioned because he has the Hax's of all the Hax's, Kyuubs/Kurama, whom won't let him die, so there goes his durability. And Hara's durability is moar intuned with his healing abilities which are greater than Tsunade. The only other 'full Sage' power shown was Kabuto, whom also had a special healing factor from birth, additionally, the Bros. of Destruction wasn't attempting to 'off' him so he never really took damage. It would've been better if Madara was halved like Tsunade, then healed with Zetsu's help, that would've made moar sense. Think it, the Sussanoo Bunshins had cut Tsunade in half, and THEN, Madara stated that Perfect Susanno was equivalent to 'A' Tailed Beast.... he got bashed by 6.

Here's a question... with all of the 'Sensor' Ninjas on the battlefield, they seemingly have forgotten all of those skills, or how to use they're mouths to tell someone whom can actually do something. When was the last time Minato, Tobirama, or even Shee sensed anything? Harashirma is seeming like moar of a sensor than everybody on the battlefield. I mean, c'mon, Kishi has Shika making this speech about how he needs to 'help', but he ain't even spoke or done shit. Too much 'get ready for' antics.

Actually C /Shee was just shown warning fellow shinobi.

You stated that his Susanoo was equal to a tailed beast. As we have seen in the Sasuke and Raikage, the susanoo can be used defensively in many ways. After blocking himself with SS the chakra shield broke. Probably lost an arm just when it broke attempting to protect himself and that's when he jumped out of the fray.
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