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Re: naruto_659

still no idea what happened to doing a prediction thread but here goes

Jericho Prediction

Naruto 661 “Let’s Talk”/ 662 “opportunity”

Suddenly we are in the room of the 4th Hokage from 17 years ago. Minato and Naruto appears via FTG.

Minato, “Naruto…”

Naruto, “If you want to give me a heart to heart about you and mom leaving me or putting Kurama inside me, just save it.”

Minato, “hmm?”

Naruto, “I already had a great talk with you and mom, thanks to the chakra you left behind, so let’s just get back there, ok?”

Minato, “no…”

Naruto looks confused.

Minato, “I didn’t bring you here for that. I brought you here to give you a gift.”

Naruto, “a gift?”

Minato goes base mode, “I need you to unlock my seal since I have only one hand. You need to make Kurama complete again. But my gift to you is not that, it is out legacy.”

Naruto, “our legacy?”

Back at the battlefield we see the Bijuu still in chains. Gaara is attempting to aide them.

Sasuke is firing arrows at Madara but he is dodging them.

Madara, “you have the EMS but you have no idea the true power of it.”

Sasuke, “your words mean nothing to me, you are the reason the Leaf distrusts the Uchiha. The real reason my brother had to be labeled a traitor to save it!”

Sasuke in Susan’oo, tosses several black discs at him surrounding Madara in a ring of black flames.

Madara unphased, “Your brother, an Uchiha and as such I do not doubt he was very skilled. Maybe he was even praised for his ninja prowess.”

Sasuke, “what of it?”

He forges a sword for each Susan’oo hand and jumps over the flames to be inside the ring with Madara.

Bee, “ with your anger be careful, his words are an ear full.”

Madara, “If he died in anyway trying to protect the Leaf then he, is scum!”

Sasuke charging with Susan’oo, “what!?”

Just before he gets to him Madara looks at him with his RG.

Over with Obito/Zetsu and Kakashi.

Obito is fighting against Zetsu trying to stop his hand from removing the RG.

Zetsu, “you are pathetic, just give it up.”

Kakashi, “Obito, I must do something. But before I do…”

Obito, “just do it, no time for sentiment, I am glad…will finally see Rin again.”

Kakashi changes to MS, a small swirl appears.

Zetsu, “hey what are you doing?!”

The Kamui is enveloping the RG.

Zetsu you fool sending there means nothing I will just use…”


Obito removed his SG eye. Kakashi sends that to the Kamui dimension as well

Kakashi, “I am the only one that can reach that dimension now, Zetsu!”

Zetsu leaves Obito, resulting in his collapsing .

Sasuke is now being held by his throat by Madara.

Madara, “you seemed surprised, your Susan’oo may have been complete but I know the secrets to the Susan’oo, child. I offered you a chance to be beside me as an Uchiha, but it seems I will be the last, it will be up to me to rebuild it better than it ever was.”

Sasuke is slowly fading but has a slight flash back of promising to rebuild the clan. Madara throws him down and picks up Sasuke’s dropped sword. He is about to kill him when…

Suddenly, “ Rasengan…” Naruto appears from nowhere upper cutting him with a rasengan. Sending Madara strait up.

Many Naruto’s appear in unison around him in the air, “…clone..”

They all strike him with a rasengan form different sides.

He falls with his body completely damaged but smoking as the Hashirama cells try to heal him.

Sasuke, “what the? How did he…?”

Minato appears, “I taught him my true purpose of the FTG, rasengan and Shadow clone techniques.”

From behind, “rasenshuriken Barrage!”

Several mini Rasenshurikens impact him then expand.

Minato, “to protect everyone by becoming a one many army.”

As they impact him Naruto grabs Sasuke and disappears, then appears over by Bee.

As all the smoke clears Madara gets up slowly, “I can ..not…be...stopped!”

Naruto, “That wasn’t to stop you.”

Madara, “what?”

Another Naruto appears in Bijuu mode coming down on the Gedo Mazo, “big Bijuu Rasengan!”

Gaara protects the Bijuu with a sand shield from debris. The chains snap and they are released.

Madara, “Nooo, you are a petty nuisance!”

Hashirama, “He is the future Hokage.”

Tobirama from beside him, “He is a member of the Leaf.”

Minato, “He is my son”

Voice from off screen, “and our friend!”

The Mizukage, Raikage and Tsuchikage are back.

Zetsu approaches Madara, “the statue is bit damaged, but also it seems that the RG has been lost.”

Madara, “what? Then bring me…his eyes!”

He points at Sasuke.

Suddenly Zetsu has his neck snapped from behind by Orochimaru.

Oro, “sorry those eyes have been spoken for”

Madara looks at everyone then over to Obito lifeless body and the Gedo Mazo, it vanishes unsummoned.

Madara, “Well then, I guess now you want me to give up?”

Orochimaru, “come now I didn’t saw that…”He grabs the Hashirama face and absorbs it into his possessed Zetsu body.

Everyone is shocked.

The First ,Second, Third and Fourth Hokage, eyes darken and join Orochimaru by his side, with Madara on is knees weakened and injured.

Orochimaru, “Do not worry, I still have no interest in a war, but I am not going to see the potential for an valuable opportunity go to waste.”
Tsunade, “Orochimaru!”

Orochimaru is being marked by the second as he is talking, “Sasuke, when you brought me back I said I didn’t have the power to take your eyes…things have changed.”

They all disappear via the 2nd Hokage.

Naruto is standing there quiet.

Everyone is upset.

Raikage, “If we have to find him!”

Tsuchikage, “no way we can deal with this right now!”

Mizukage, “we must get the Bijuu out of here.”

Sasuke, “Naruto?”

Naruto looks at the battlefield, sees all the dead ninja. Looks at the Bijuu. Looks at Kakashi carrying Obito over to them.

Kakashi puts him down and places his old Leaf village head protector over Obito’s face.

Naruto, “we do what Orochimaru is going to do. We heal, rebuild, and get stronger!”
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