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Originally Posted by NeoKakarott023 View Post
Since Tian's out and about, (by now the Dark Ones before him should be near death), I could see Sage, just saying to hell with Uncle Li, and going straight to Tian, placing the blame in his lap. It's a stretch, but it seems like a lot of Gods are about to turncoat on each other, don't forget Dude with the Thanos Chair, he's gunning for Tian undercover as well.
Oh yeah I said it multiple times...Elder Shen will def betray Tian's rule to place himself above Crystal Mt. He was already aware of just what the red crystals did for the gods. I think he is also aware that Tian has spent so much time neglecting his duties to resurrect his love. While Tian has been at bay Elder Shen has pretty much stepped in his spotlight. Controlling and maneuvering the gods from his Xavier chair. He could be a descendant of the once Great Ancient gods. There was a guy that Shen favored greatly. We could expect his power to be at least close to Tian's level. He would not risk such things if he felt he couldn't defeat Tian. Unless he is using the transcendent vigor within Crystal mt. to awaken his fallen ancestors. Either way soon enough he will threaten the very ground before Tian. The Dark Ones have his attention currently. He is abiding by his wifes wish not to hurt/kill any of them. This would be the ideal time to switch to what the fuck Shen is up to.
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