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One Piece 734

FUCK! So Cavendish turns into another personality...a beast who destroys people when he sleeps.. lol So Cavendish is just a creation.....i was wondering why he would get blasted without a sure fight. So Rebecca wins only due to Cavendish being unaware of his split personality. Dofla continues to underestimate the alliance party. He knew Violet was placing her bets but he never imagined that the alliance would already have taken the port/underground and that Luffy and aide were already on their way to the Palace. Making King Riku witness to what exactly will fall out today was another mistake. Burgess saying he won't anyone have the mera mera fruit...and Sabo taking with Bart over no one being able to see Hakuan (whatever) move. Where did Fuji go to? Law also seems to be held by sea stone cuffs so he has to be rescued which personally sounds like a trap...

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