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Re: One Piece 734

Originally Posted by Dagoro View Post
That was a BS win, also not digging that double persona thing for CD.

It's rare for me to call an OP chapter weak but this is one of those times.
It was a bit weak but a small set up chapter....Next chapter I expect a pretty big fall out....Fuji is probably gonna deal with Kinemon and Zoro... Kinemon can cut fire and Zoro's haki would help make this battle epic...Luffy with the help of Violet will be escorted to the private chambers of where Law is being kept..Most likely will have to face someone just to save Law...Violet probably will be captured...Ussop and Robin will continue to break into and weaken Dofla's resources. A brief intermission from the block fights and then we get Block D going in hard. Franky will push back against Pink and finish that battle only to be challenged by another next chapter things are looking up.
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