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Re: One Piece 734

Originally Posted by Dagoro View Post
Hakuba's tech reminds me of captain Kuro's back in the Usopp arc.

My problem ain't even with the Colosseum, but with Oda dragging things out a bit. He does this a lot and I'm used to it, but this arc has so many awesome events set up and about to explode that my patience is running thin lol.

Also the Franky fight is being partially off paneled, and to me this is one of the main flaws of OP. We only get to see the climax of the fights now and days and I want to see the whole thing.
I def feel you on the recent habit of off paneling good fights...Dofla vs Law...being a good example of that.... Yeah Franky just got suplexed so yeah...hoping he at least shows us more of Senior Pink before Franky gives him that "hard left!' Def feel you on the impatience in regard to pieces of this arc not yet being concluded. Oda def has his minor flaws but usually he pulls it off. This is one of the arcs that will have people paying attention to every page...It's not on the level of War of the best but it's a damn page turner non the less. He just needs to continue to bring in the excitement he did like having Big mom brought into the picture and having Law defeated early on...none of us expected that.
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