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Re: Feng Shen ji 87

Originally Posted by jekyl_hyde View Post
my bad apac. not really a dig at you... more of a second-handed nature thing for me i guess.
Man I know and thanks! It wasn't me being a sour goose..just the principle lol!

Was that the chapter? Kinda confused....haven't we read that already?
actual chapter

AWESOME! Tian kills the next in line to be commander of the Dark Ones...(though he promised no one would die lol) Ah Gou seems to be heading to join his Uncle in fighting Tian. What we all have been thinking about in regard to Elder Shen has come to light..he is up to something..Carrying Ah Lan who was deep in the crystal mountains...Ah Gou has to face Tian before he even gets to Shen. Why did the lightning pass through Ah Gou...remember it was hinted she is more special than what she is credited for..Maybe she will also develop and awaken some powers/skills. Zu Yi now faces Tian before the Dark Ones...Shit is about to hit the fan!

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