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To be fair, the donkey versus Horse analogy doesn't work in this context.

You're comparing different animals that have undergone specific speciation with time... you know evolution.

If I decided to give my future children my wife's last name instead of mine are they no longer blood relatives of mine?

The argument basically boils down to what are the difference between Senju and Uzumaki and even then this is a fictional universe. It's not like there's an actual RIGHT answer we can accept.

In my opinion, Kishi is going to relate Naruto directly to the Senju line eventually. I mean we already were given the huge hint about how close those two lineages were. Secondly, the biijus have also claimed that Naruto might be the reincarnation of the Sage (if I recall correctly).

Naruto and other Uzumakis having some Senju blood in them is inevitable, it's not like there isn't any inter-mixing of clans right? Didn't the first hokage marry an Uzumaki Bride which means his children were of both lineages.

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