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Re: Naruto_662

I'm giving chapter 2/5, and here's why: I thought for real that Kishi was about to drop a bombshell that KYF has been calling for God knows how long... that Gaara is Uzumaki. Thankfully that was not done.

Now onto questions:
1. I have only read mangapanda translation so far, so why have Sakura tell Tsunade that her and Shizune are basically used up hos, but Sakura goes with Naruto and Gaara to heal Naruto?
2. Why the hell have Obito/Tobi when Black Zetsu seems like a much better villian than him? I mean Black Zetsu even has Orochimaru being cautious it seems.
3. Who's going to be the sacrifice to bring back both Sasgay and Nardo?
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