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Re: Naruto_662

Originally Posted by kael03 View Post
Sakura still has the Kurama cloak as well as the Yin Release seal active, so she still has chakra reserves for healing Naruto.
You're not wrong. My point is, why have Sakura state that her no Shizune can do it for the Kages only seconds later to do it for Nardo? If that's a translation error (since the only one I've read thus far is mangapanda), it's a mute point.

It's not Black Zetsu that Oro was referring to, but Spiral Zetsu.
Black Zetsu, Spiral Zetsu, point is, this dude just comes across as more of a badass in just a few panels alone than Obito ever did.

Kishi could have avoided all of this tom-foolery and could have actually added a little more intrigue and mystic to this story for the older generations, say Tobi was Kagame Uchiha playing off of Tobirama's name (if the kanji works appropriately) after he aided in the murder of the Nidaime Hokage. Instead we've been served this atrocity that has literally shredded the plot-line and history like an AA12 (fully automatic 12 gauge shotgun) would do to a door panel.
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