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Re: Naruto_662

Originally Posted by jekyl_hyde View Post
You know, that might actually be a kick ass, stand alone mini-arc, especially compared to this farce. But we are talking about Kishi, so....
I don't see it having enough material to be a mini arc...unless we get chapter after chapter on a young RKS. Kinda like the Kakashi Gaiden but a bit more informed. We see a village outcast him because of his indifference; we see him abandon his home to become a nomad, we see him conversing with different species and befriending them, we see him mastering sealing and other various sage techniques, we see people wandering to his position out of respect and curiosity, we see him teaching people and animals the ways of the Sage, we see the rise of certain dominant species such as the Snake, Toad and Slug..who build their own hidden worlds/homes based off the teachings of the sage. Which would lead us to the his final conflict....restoring peace to a broken world..defeating the Juubi, becoming it's jink and splitting the Bijuu into 9. Raising them and teaching them the wonders of the world and helping them further understand humans...before he passes away.....Obviously Kishi could tie in the whole Fate/chosen one as he initially started in the Kakashi Gaiden..and have the Bijuu all state "When the time is right you will return and when that occurs a great change will cover the land." Picture shows RS fading in to a picture of baby Naruto.....or some shit like that...done....That way we get a full background of the Sage and his efforts up u til his death bed...maybe at most four chapters..with the last two dedicated to the battle of Juubi vs Sage.

Originally Posted by gizmox View Post
Like this idea. Would like to add that if they come back, the world is already under mugen tsukoyomi. Both of them immune to it and fight madara.
All Honesty...I said this a long time ago..and still think it's a possible ending....

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